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Are you seeking a headlamp that is appropriate for any outdoor activity?
Look no farther than the Coast FL75 headlamp.
This versatile and reliable headlamp has features that make it a perfect choice for hikers, campers, runners, and anybody who needs a reliable light source in the great outdoors.

One of the notable features of the Coast FL75 is its ability to create both a spot beam and a flood beam.
With the easy twist of the head, you may switch between the two modes depending on your demands.
The spot beam delivers a focused, long-range light suitable for illuminating trails or searching for missing things. In contrast, the flood beam is a wide-angle beam ideal for lighting up big areas or producing a softer, softer, more diffused light.

The Coast FL75 headlamp also offers a bright maximum output of 530 lumens, which ensures you’ll never be left in the dark.
It also has a runtime of up to 2 hours on high mode and up to 17 hours on low mode, so you can use it for extended durations without worrying about regularly changing the batteries.

Another amazing feature of the Coast FL75 is its comfy and adjustable headband.
It is designed to fit tightly on your head without causing any discomfort and can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of head sizes.
The headband also incorporates a reflective design, which helps to boost visibility and keep you safe when you’re out in low-light circumstances.

Overall, the Coast FL75 headlamp is a versatile and trustworthy alternative for anyone who spends time outdoors.
With its bright beam, long runtime, and comfortable fit, it is a great purchase for hikers, campers, runners, and anybody who needs a reliable light source in the great outdoors.

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Technical Details

Technical Details Description
Brightness Levels3
Max Brightness Output405 lumens
Max Beam Distance530 feet
Water ResistanceIPX4
Battery LifeUp to 14 hours
Batteries Required3 x AAA
Weight3.9 ounces
FeaturesTwist Focus technology, red light mode, adjustable headband, hinged beam adjustment, comfortable strap

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